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Red Clover Herbal Tea as a Blood Cleanser Remedy

Red Clover Herbal Tea as a Blood Cleanser Remedy

Red Clover is a blood cleanser as well as a natural blood thinner and is full of nutrients, especially for women. This is a simple and delicious way to use the blood cleansing Red Clover Herb. Drink it hot or over ice.

red-clover plant.gif

The best part of this herbal tea that is so good for you, is that you can gather the pink or white clover blossoms in the fields. They grow wild everywhere. Grab the blossoms (with some potent leaves) dry them in a shaded area under a fly screen, (not in the sunshine because we want to preserve the delicate essential oils that are so good for us) and keep it in a container in the kitchen handy for an everyday cuppa wellness (with some delicious and good for you honey).

Making the tea with the fresh blossoms will be a new experience. It tastes so fresh and “green”. Gotta love it!


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Cornsilk Tincture, a natural diuretic

Cornsilk Tincture, a natural diuretic

This is a very easy Homemade Herbal to make. When you buy corn, keep the silk and make these wonderful diuretic tincture drops. Or, you can use the silk to make a diuretic tea.


Use it fresh or dried. Cut off all the bad stuff so you only use the good silk. Dry the cornsilk in an open dish in the shade and once it’s dry it’s easy to keep on hand as a dried herb to make more tincture or tea. Cornsilk makes a mild diuretic and the taste is very pleasant and sweet.

Do not drink at the end of the day as it might keep you up at night. Using a teapot with a built in infuser makes it easy to use and it looks so elegant.

Or you can just buy the herb for tea or buy the tincture. The tincture tends to work faster that the tea.

Keeping herbs simple – one herb at a time

Keeping herbs simple – one herb at a time

What is a Simpler?

A “simple” is one herb used at a time. A “simpler” is an herbalist who generally uses herbs one at a time, rather than in combinations.

Why use Simples?

Most herbalists – whether from China or Japan, Eastern or Western Europe, Australia or North America – use herbs in combinations. Simplers, don’t. Why?

Well, it’s simply that herbal medicine is people’s medicine. Make herbal medicine simple: as simple as one herb at a time. Because people worry about interactions between the drugs they take and herbs, I keep it simple: with simples, interactions are simple to observe, and simpler to avoid. Because empowerment in healthcare is difficult, It should be easy to use safe herbal remedies: and what could be easier, or safer, than a simple?

Simples make you think

If you are just getting started with herbs, one thing that could confound you is the many choices you have when you begin to match symptoms to the herbs that relieves them. If someone had a cough you think, “Should I use garden sage or wild cherry bark or pine sap or mullein or coltsfoot (to name only a few of the many choices)?” One way out of this dilemma is to use them all. Some cough syrups can contain every anti-cough herb that you can collect. And they all work.

As you get more sophisticated in your herbal usage, and especially after studying up on the various herbs, you begin to see that each herb has a specific personality, a specific way of acting. You realize that you can’t notice the individual actions of the herbs when they were combined.

Dare to use just one herb.

Would wild cherry bark tincture all by itself be enough to quell that child’s cough? Yes!

Would mullein infusion alone really reduce a person’s asthmatic and allergic reactions? Yes!

Would sage soaked in honey for six weeks ease a sore throat? Yes!

Each herb that you try as a simple can be successful. They all work, not just together, but by themselves.

The more you use individual herbs the more you come to know them as individuals. The more you use simples, the simpler and more successful your remedies can become. The more you use one herb at a time, the more you learn about how that herb works, and didn’t work.

Simples are intimate

When we use one herb at a time, we come to know that herb, we become intimate with that herb. Just as we become intimate with each other by spending time one-on-one, simply together; we become closer to the herbs when we use them as simples.

Becoming intimate with an herb or a person helps us build trust. How reliable is the effect of this herb? When? How? Where does it fail? Using simples helps us build a web of green allies that we trust deeply. Simples help us feel more powerful. They help abate our fears, simply, safely.

Simples are subtle

Using one herb at a time gives us unparalleled opportunities to observe and make use of the subtle differences that are at the heart of herbal medicine. When we use simples, we are more likely to notice the many variables that affect each herb: including where it grows, the years’ weather, how we harvest it, our preparation, and the dosage. The many variables within one plant insure that our simple remedy nonetheless touches many aspects of a person and heals deeply.

A Herbal apprentice, who tinctured motherwort flowering tops weekly through its blooming period, reported that the tinctures made from the younger flower stalks had a stronger effect on the uterus; while those made from the older flower stalks, when the plant was going to seed, had a stronger effect on the heart.

Simples give power

  • Using one herb at a time helps you feel more certain that your remedy has an active value, not just a placebo value.
  • Using one plant at a time, and local ones at that, reassures you that your herbal medicine cannot be legislated away.
  • Using one plant at a time allows you to build trust in your remedies.
  • Using one plant at a time is a subversive act, a reclaiming of simple healthcare.

Combinations may erode your power, and might lead you to believe that herbal medicine is best left to the experts.

From Complex to Simple

Take the challenge! Use simples instead of complex formulae. Rework some herbal remedies and get a sense of how simple it can be.

The great anti-cancer formula Essiac contains:

  • Arctium lappa (burdock),
  • Rheum palmatum (rhubarb),
  • Ulmus fulva (slippery elm), and
  • Rumex acetosella  (sheep sorrel)
  • Trifolium pratense (Red Clover blossoms)

Extracting the simple:

Rhubarb root has no possible use against cancer; it is a purgative whose repeated use can “aggravate constipation”. Slippery elm bark also has no possible anti-cancer properties and has no doubt been added to counter some of the detrimental effects of the rhubarb. Sheep sorrel juice is so caustic that it has been used to burn off skin cancers, but it would likely do more harm to the kidneys than to any cancer if ingested regularly. Leaving us with a great anti-cancer simple: burdock root. One that is found to be superbly effective in reversing dysplasias and pre-cancerous conditions.

But this herbal magnifies its power in the combination. Not only for cancer, this treatment can be used for almost anything. It is kind and gentle and good tasting. It has the most amazing healing properties. This brew is so easy to make and keep as a dried mix in the cupboard. If you get sick -any kind of sick, even gastro, it can be brewed up a cup at a time:

1 teaspoon boiled slightly in pure water and cooled with a lid on to keep the delicate essential oils inside. then drink as a tea. It is mighty soothing and uplifting and can be kept down very easily.

Simples are fun. Give them a try

Among the many variables, you can especially notice that the tinctures that are made with fresh plants are many times more effective than tinctures made from dried plants. Some say that preparations of common plants growing in uncommon places will be stronger as well. Many herbalists are aware of certain areas of their land that nurture plants that are particularly potent medicines.

Try natural herbal remedies

Try natural herbal remedies

Natural herbal remedies are drawing the attention of many ordinary folk who are looking for another way to keep healthy. There are hundreds of thousands of known herbs that have the ability to treat and prevent various human and animal illnesses, as well as properties that can enhance mental attitude, appearance, and performance.

Many cultures have studied herbs for centuries, for example, Indian herbal medicine (Ayurvedic), Chinese herbal medicine, and western herbal medicine and have created many uses for plants either singularly or in compounds, to prevent and treat various conditions and illnesses.

A natural remedy can be anything from a simple tea to complex preparations of herbal compounds used in hospitals and clinics. These formulas come in many forms such as capsules, pills, ointments, and gels.

You may be using some of the common herbs as a food in your home such as:

  • Garlic – natural antibiotic and helps reduce cholesterol
  • Cinnamon – lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides
  • Ginger – prevents motion sickness and lowers risk of blood clots
  • Chamomile Tea – calms nerves and help relieve digestive problems
  • Peppermint – Treats many digestion and gastrointestinal problems

These common herbs may be mixed with other proven natural products to achieve a particular result.

The time and wait needed to visit a doctor to get a prescription, and the ever-growing cost of medicine is opening an opportunity for many people to try to get help from natural herbs and remedies.

Some traditional medicines are showing adverse side effects.

Natural, may have unwanted side effects just as with conventional medicines, however, an ever-growing number of people have been using herbals, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for many years with very favorable results and no adverse effects.

Natural herbal products can be used by adults, children, and pets to remedy countless conditions from Angina and Arthritis, even skin care remedies, thyroid treatment, urinary tract infection and an unlimited number of other disorders.

Have fun and be brave enough to try and make these simple herbal remedies. We will keep it simple.

Share the Herbal Love

Share the Herbal Love

Do you know anyone who knows how to use herbs and natural cures?

It’s easy to build up your knowledge of the wonderful life-giving properties of herbs, even their very smells are used in aromatherapy. Our bodies are very sensitive to the altering effects of herbs. Learn to use them. They are good like a medicine.

It’s also easy to learn to grow your own herbs to use in cooking, salves, teas, tinctures, etc. Or you can buy dried cut herbs and powders from wholesalers. Talk to others. You will discover gems of knowledge from the most unexpected persons. Share your knowledge too. Elderly folk have a wealth of information about herbs and natural cures. Natural cures can be fun and can help you make friends!

I love lavender.

Lavender is so easy to plant and look after. It flourishes year after year, has a lovely, soothing scent, is known to induce relaxation, and keeps the moths away. Put a lavender plant on your kitchen windowsill and fill sachets of lavender blossoms to put in your cupboards.

An elderly friend saw that my hair had been losing its luster. And she said to take one egg yolk, olive oil, juice of one lemon, mix it together in a bowl, and use my fingers or a basting brush, to rub or brush the mixture thoroughly onto my scalp, around the hair roots, and onto the hair. Then wrap a towel around my hair for two hours, then rinse with lukewarm water and shampoo as usual. I followed her instructions and sure enough, my hair shiny and had more body than it has had in a long time.

You can learn about natural cures by improvising with things found at home. Did your face ever feel like an elastic mask? I needed something to soothe and moisturize my skin. – I found that yogurt was the perfect solution. After rubbing some on my face and letting it soak in, I felt and looked twenty years younger.

Dandelion – a most delicious and healthy, pesky weed …. er, herb

Dandelion – a most delicious and healthy, pesky weed …. er, herb

Dandelions are not weeds, they are actually a nutritious herb loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B, C, D, and K, as well as minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. They also contain flavonoids such as apigenin and luteolin. And dandelions make wonderful syrups, wines, and teas. Their leaves are occasionally used in soups, salads, and sandwiches, while the roasted roots can be used as a coffee substitute. Dandelion leaf tea daily may promote a healthy liver.

Dried or fresh dandelion leaves can also help with constipation, stimulates appetite, improve digestion, and reduce flatulence. It is diuretic so it increases urine flow and flushes out bacteria from the urinary tract and the bladder

Dandelion as an alterative (it alters us) or depurative herb, and acts as a blood purifier, which regulates metabolism and can help neutralize acids in the blood. It also encourages the liver to produce more bile, a greenish-yellow fluid that the body uses to digest dietary fats and remove toxins from the body.

Don’t use dandelions that have been treated with pesticides.

The leaves of dandelion are known to have a diuretic effect on the body which can increase the amount of urine passed. Dandelion may help lower total cholesterol and triglycerides while raising HDL cholesterol. may help lower hypertension. Since Dandelion leaves contain potassium, magnesium, and calcium, it has the potential to help regulate blood pressure levels.

Dandelion contains B vitamins, which can be an effective remedy for stress relief

Dandelion contains minerals and vitamins which are essential for clear and radiant skin when mixed with honey and yogurt and applied as a mask.

Understanding Salt

Understanding Salt

Is salt that bad for you?

Not if it’s good salt.

There’s good salt and bad salt? Yes. The one that’s bad for you is the most widely available sodium that is highly processed and bleached and that will drive up your blood pressure relentlessly, and it also has added anti-caking agents to “let it flow”.

Now, the good salt is full of naturally occurring minerals and the more minerals, the better the salt. Your body desperately needs trace minerals to function properly, and sodium alone just does not hack it. Sea salt, Celtic salt, Himalayan Pink salt and other high mineral salts are actually nutritious to the body.


The more potent herbs have long, far-reaching root systems that actively search out and store the minerals from the soil and these minerals do wonders in your body when it comes to healing and nutrition. The right kind of mineral salts your cells and provide trace amounts of essential minerals that help your body to work right. It’s that simple. Use good salt for better health.

Turmeric is a golden herbal remedy that fights inflammation

Turmeric is a golden herbal remedy that fights inflammation

Herbal remedies are based on the principle of strengthening wellness and preventing diseases rather than curing sickness. It directs us to resist the diseases through our food habits and life styles and herbal remedy use. Hippocrates stressed,

“Let your food be your medicine”

Over the last several years, there has been increasing interest in Turmeric and its medicinal properties. The rhizomes or roots of this plant look like ginger but are smaller and an orange color and are used as medicine and in natural remedies. The rhizomes are boiled, dried and then powdered.

turmeric-homemade herbals

This powder is used for medicinal and culinary purposes. This turmeric herb has occupied the shelves of every Indian kitchen for 6000 years and is considered the king of the kitchen. It has a pungent and bitter taste. It is used daily in cooking. Apart from cooking, it is also used as a beauty aid and as a dye.

turmeric-homemade herbals

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) belongs to Zingiberaceae Family and is a perennial plant that grows 3 to 5 feet high in the tropical regions. Ayurveda appreciates the medicinal qualities and yellow color of Turmeric.

We can particularly praise the medicinal qualities of Turmeric, which finds its place in many herbal preparations related to aiding inflammation, liver and skin disorders. The active chemical component of Turmeric is Curcumin.

Curcumin is a strong antioxidant and reduces inflammation by reducing histamine levels.

  1. Curcumin protects the liver,
  2. reduces cholesterol,
  3. prevents internal blood clotting,
  4. prevents heart attacks,
  5. protects from liver tissue damages and disorders,
  6. widely used in skin treatments,
  7. treats respiratory issues,
  8. purifies the blood,
  9. enhances the complexion

Turmeric is very safe. But special precautions should be taken in persons who have gallstones, hyperacidity, stomach ulcers and obstructive jaundice.

Turmeric powder

Effects of Turmeric—-

On The Liver

  • It is recommended that this golden herb can purify blood and prevent it from clotting.
  • It is used extensively to protect the liver from toxins and microbes.
  • Turmeric increases the secretion of bile, promotes the free flow of bile.
  • This herb can be used to overcome toxic effects of alcohol on the liver.
  • This reduces cholesterol and protects the heart.
  • 1 teaspoon of Turmeric with warm water should rejuvenate the liver and expel toxins out of it.

On The Respiratory System

  • Turmeric is very effective in bronchitis, productive cough and asthma.
  • One spoon of turmeric boiled in milk should be taken with a spoon of pure ghee for conditions like bronchitis, asthma and productive cough.
  • This gives very good relief and as an expectorant for excessively produced mucous in the lungs.

On Ageing

  • The antioxidant properties of turmeric give us young looks and make us feel young.
  • It reduces inflammation in joints, protects the heart, reduces cholesterol and keeps us very healthy.

On Diabetes

  • It is widely used in Ayurvedic preparations for Diabetes.
  • It lowers the blood sugar and increases glucose metabolism.

On the Uterus

  • It initiates a regular menstrual cycle and reduces menstrual cramps.

On the Skin

  • Blood nourishes the skin and it is known fact that pure blood always keeps the skin glowing and radiant.
  • Turmeric purifies the blood, nourishes skin and gives it a healthy natural glow and radiance.
  • A traditional face pack used in India consists of gram flour, pure turmeric powder, milk, and honey.
  • This reduces inflammation of the skin, smoothens it and prevents many skin ailments.

On Stomach and Intestines

  • Turmeric enhances digestion, normalizes metabolism and expels intestinal parasites

On Wounds

  • Turmeric accelerates the healing process and readily reduces pain and inflammation.
  • A thick paste of Turmeric applied on wounds acts as an excellent antibiotic and anti inflammatory.

On Health

  • Turmeric purifies and cleans the body.
  • It is a tailor made herb for those who are health conscious.
  • It increases the flexibility of muscles, reduces inflammation in muscles and joints and helps to perform exercise with confidence and ease.

This is a wonderful treasure that nature has provided for us in this golden Turmeric root?

CHOGG Cider -Herbal Cold and Flu Prizefighter

CHOGG Cider -Herbal Cold and Flu Prizefighter


It’s called CHOGG Cider so you can remember the ingredients. Cayenne Horseradish Onion Garlic Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar. – CHOGG Cider!

This is a Cold and Flu Prize Fighter Juice. It’s like Rocket Fuel. And it’s fast to make.

If you have Echinacea Tincture, add a couple of droppers full into your shot glass just before you use it. This will magnify the effectiveness even more!

CHOGG Cider Ingredients

  • 1 part Cayenne Peppers
  • 1 part Horseradish Root,
  • 1 parts Onion Bulb,
  • 3 parts Garlic Bulb,
  • 3 parts Ginger Root
  • Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg’s)

CHOGG Cider can be made in two ways depending on how much work you want to put into it.

Use fresh roots and bulbs

The cayenne and the horseradish are to be handled with utmost care. The volatile oils get into your lungs and onto your skin and can burn severely for days.

Horseradish is dangerously pungent and you should work in a ventilated room and wear a mask and gloves when you grate it or macerate it. Horseradish is a very hard, tough root so ……. as a safer alternative, use horseradish powder or horseradish paste instead of having to “suit up” and deal with the potential hazards.

Cayenne also burns your skin and hands and the burn worsens and lingers as the hours pass. Wear gloves when preparing the cayenne peppers or use cayenne powder.


Use a shot glass to dilute it by half or more with water because it’s strong.
Add two droppers full of Echinacea Tincture if you have it.
Gargle, swish, and swallow. As often as you like – it’s FOOD!
As long as it’s fresh, your breath shouldn’t be garlicky and who cares when you’re sick anyway! Cheers, and get better!

Another way to make this Cold and Flu Rocket Fuel CHOGG Cider …..


Use powders


This powdered herbal is great for traveling. And if you put the clear juice from the powders soaked in water, in a small spray bottle you can use it as a throat spray. Works wonders!


Ginger Root the herb for warmth and goodness

Ginger Root the herb for warmth and goodness

Ginger warms the extremities because it is a circulatory stimulant.  You will feel this immediately when you eat Ginger.  It feels warm in your mouth, then the warmth is felt in your tummy, and you will even feel a warming in your limbs.  This is great for people with poor circulation as it warms up your cold hands and feet.

Ginger eases digestive problems and is well know to ease nausea and travel sickness, indigestion and even increases appetite. Ginger tea, capsules, ginger candy seems to have proven themselves more effective that motion sickness tablets.

Ginger also helps to get rid of mucus and eases coughs and even relieves deep-seated respiratory congestion of bronchitis. Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory remedy.  It alleviates inflammation and pain of sore throats, asthma, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.

Ginger has been used historically as an aphrodisiac because it stimulates circulation and promotes energy and movement. Because Ginger warms your extremities, it stimulates sweating and this can help break a fever because sweat cools the surface of our skin, which will lower the internal body temperature. Ginger also helps your blood platelets from getting sticky so it makes the heart’s task easier to pump your blood and has been shown to lower cholesterol in the blood and the liver.